Objects in your “mirror” may be less clear than you think!

Recently, a friend (we’ll call her Veronica) posted a photo on Facebook of her son’s latest cooking triumph; a perfectly cheesy, bubbly chicken Parmesan. Positively restaurant-worthy.

Another friend (we’ll call him Tom) commented and asked Veronica for the recipe. To which she responded as follows:

How We Learn

Small moves toward harnessing the positive power of feedback

A phrase I think about often is “if nothing changes, nothing will change.” And it’s true in all facets of life.

In order to improve on or master anything, we need to engage in goal-oriented instruction and practice of sufficient quality and frequency. …

How We Learn

Fostering positive teacher-student relationships in an online world

Recently I asked a group of education experts this question:

The group submitted their answers using an online polling tool. As the responses rolled in, the polling tool generated a word cloud in which the dimensions of the word in the cloud increased along with the submission frequency. …

Recent reports by the cybersecurity company Proofpoint describe how cybercriminals are capitalizing on coronavirus fears and using online scams to steal personal and financial information.

Cybercriminals may try to take advantage of your emotions — such as curiosity, fear, worry, and compassion for others — to trick you into clicking…

Julia Phelan, Ph.D

Julia has a Ph.D in education from UCLA. She has extensive experience in learning engineering and instructional design.

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